[Micronet] ANNOUNCEMENT: InCommon Certificate service - signed SSL (and other) certs at no cost to your department

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[Micronet] ANNOUNCEMENT: InCommon Certificate service - signed SSL (and other) certs at no cost to your department

Dedra Chamberlin
Dear Micronet,

UC Berkeley is now participating in the new InCommon Certificate
Service, which entitles campus members to unlimited SSL, personal
signing, encryption, and code signing PKI certificates.

More information about this program is available at:


The OCIO and IST sponsor the campus site fee and ongoing support for
this program.  The IST - CalNet team manages the service, along with
other Identity and Access Management services for the campus. Updated
links to information CalNet services are available at:


SSL certificates are available through this program now, and we can
likely help with code signing certs if you need them. For personal and
encryption certificates, staff can continue to use the CalNetPKI service
managed by the IST Windows team until those services
are available via the InCommon Certificate Service hopefully later this

The new service allows for delegated administration of certificate
requests and approval. The CalNet team is currently recruiting
Departmental Certificate Administrators (DCAs), who will be required to
attend an in-person training and can then be authorized to issue
certificates for specified departmental subdomains/hosts.

DCAs must be nominated/approved by MSOs or equivalent management staff
in a department.  If you would like to nominate DCAs for your
department, please send your nominations to [hidden email].

To request SSL certificates directly, please review instructions posted
in our FAQ at:


Please send questions, comments and certificate requests to
[hidden email].

- Dedra
Dedra Chamberlin, Manager
CalNet - Identity and Access Management
SNS - System and Network Security

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