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Jay Sparks
yes, it's [hidden email].

And, here's a posting today.....


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Subject: Re: [CalNetAD] Final DC Upgrade to R2
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 09:52:24 -0700
From: Jimmy Wu [hidden email]
To: Forrest St. John Smalley [hidden email]
CC: [hidden email] [hidden email]

 Hi John and calnetad admins,

We are running a OS X 10.6.4 Xserve for our departmental fileserver via 
AFP and SMB, while AFP works fine, SMB can no longer authenticate 
through CAMPUS. I found this google discussion 
about the same problem others are having when upgrading to 2008 R2 from 

I'm also copying this to the rest of calnetad-admins, does any of you 
run a similar setup to us? Any suggestion?

Any chance we can have ACTDIR11 put back in service temporarily?


On 9/21/10 1:03 PM, Forrest St. John Smalley wrote:
> CalnetAD Admins,
> ACTDIR11 is the last Berkeley Campus site 2008x86 campus domain controller. At 2:30 today, we will turn off ACTDIR11, leaving it promoted as a domain controller. On Thursday, we will officially demote ACTDIR11, and prepare the replacement ACTDIR11 on 2008x64R2.
> The reason for the notification is that although we have not had any known issues with clients and R2, there is a chance that some client application has been round robining to ACTDIR11, after failing on the existing R2 domain controllers. Neither you nor us would necessarily realize this was happening because clients typically round robin until they communicate successfully with a domain controller. The DCs get so much traffic we would not be able to distinguish a client application that was doing this. The dev and QA environments were upgraded to R2 over the summer, but there is not enough participation in that environment to be certain that there isn't an application that may have an issue. Occasionally, Microsoft makes minor changes to components such as SMB signing with service packs and R2 releases, but we do not know of any specific issue to be concernedabout with this release.
> We are not changing the functional mode so as far as we know the DCs should not be presenting themselves any differently to clients than they have over the last two years or so. Eventually, we will change the functional mode to 2008R2, but further announcements will come later in the year concerning that change.
> As usual, CalnetAD changes will be posted at
> https://calnetad.berkeley.edu/supportandtools/Lists/CCMS/AllItems.aspx
> --IS&T Enterprise Windows Team

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