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[Micronet] Alternative to Google Wave

John McChesney-Young
On a list of this sort I expect almost all of you remember the late
Google Wave, many of you probably tried it, and perhaps one or two of
you even still miss it, as I do. Last night I read about a company
that's released a public beta of something similar:


"We never explicitly sought to replicate or compete with Wave -- but
our premise was the same: group email threads are destroying our lives
(or at least our productivity at work…). What we're hearing from
customers  is that their group email usage is shrinking by 70-80%, as
they move conversations to Unison instead."


My work isn't of a sort where I expect this would be particularly
useful to me personally, but I thought I'd pass it along in case any
Micronetters might find it of sufficient interest to explore further.


John McChesney-Young, Administrative Assistant
History of Art Department, 416 Doe MC6020
U. C. Berkeley, Berkeley CA 94720-6020
[hidden email] // voice 1-510-642-5511 // fax 1-510-643-2185

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