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[Micronet] [Announce] 9 Groups Go Live in ServiceNow

Lori Brooks-Manas

Good morning,

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, 9 groups moved into the ServiceNow platform. Mainframe Security, ITOC Monitoring, Data Center, Network Operations and Services, Telecom Voice, Telecom Cellular, CalPlanning, Cal Answers, and BAIRS are all part of the 6th cohort to adopt the ServiceNow platform for incident management.

Most of the groups in Cohort 6 use xMatters, and this development work has been released and implemented. Incidents created by xMatters now open automatically in ServiceNow. In addition, Time Tracking was added to the platform in January, and is now available to all licensed users of ServiceNow. All of this will result in improved incident tracking and service request resolution.

IST works directly with and provides the technical support for the CalPlanning, CalAnswers, and BAIRS, and these teams were added to ServiceNow in Cohort 6. Additional groups were added to support the Go Live 4 and Go Live 5 for the SIS Project as well.

As part of the IST-SN project, Footprints workspaces will be retired. Processes to begin the formal retirement for Footprints workspaces begin at the end of January. IST groups are being asked to decide whether they prefer to archive the workspace making it view only, export the data, or take it down entirely.

There are only two more cohorts remaining in the IST-ServiceNow Project, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2016. For more information about the IST ServiceNow Project, see this article.

Information about the IST efforts to move to ServiceNow as “One System for Service” is available on the ServiceNow website.


The ServiceNow Team

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