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[Micronet] [Announce] April Micronet meeting: Groovy and Grails, in two parts

Vivian Sophia
HI Micronet,

Here are your details for April's Micronet meeting. Note the changed location:

Subject: Groovy and Grails, coding tools that the campus identity management team has been using in the implementation of the Berkeley Person Registry. 

Presenter: Soeren Glasius, Identity Management Web App Lead, is the presenter. 

Part One: Advantages of Groovy and Grails
Day: Wednesday, April 22 (normal Micronet meeting day)
Time: 10:30-noon
Place: Barrows Hall, Room 60

Wednesday's session will showcase advantages of using the Groovy language and the Grails framework. 

Groovy is a powerful, optionally typed and dynamic language, with static-typing and static compilation capabilities. It runs on the Java platform (JVM) and is in many ways a superset of Java. The learning curve for the average Java coder is described as a "small speed bump" while the powers are described as "Java on Steroids". 

Grails is a web-framework built on the "shoulders of giants". It acts as an easy, yet powerful layer on top of Spring MVC, Hibernate and Sitemesh. It aims at developer speed by applying "convention over configuration", sensible defaults and easy access to common functionality. It integrates easily with application containers (like Tomcat) on the JVM. Grails has a lively plugin community, where a wide variety of common functionality is captured.

Previous knowledge of Java, C, C++, PHP, Python or other programming languages is an advantage.

Part Two: Groovy and Grails demo session
Day: Thursday: April 23
Time: 10:30-noon
Place University Hall, Room 150

This presentation is a follow-up to “Advantages of Groovy and Grails.” In this presentation there will be no slides, just code. The first part of the demo will show examples of Groovy vs. Java code. In the second part, Soeren will create a small Grails application and secure it with a CAS SSO login.

Vivian Sophia
Berkeley IT 
Gold Service Team Lead (CSS)
Micronet Community of Practice Coordinator
University of California, Berkeley
310B Durant Hall
(510) 541-6120

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