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[Micronet] [Announce] Fwd: Would love to see IT folks: Recruiting for Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee

Vivian Sophia
Hi Micronet, 

Jenny Kwon tells me that the members of CSAC in IT functional roles will be leaving this year. It would be great if we could get some IT applicants in the pool.For details about CSAC, see below.

Vivian Sophia
Berkeley IT 
CSS IT High-Impact Client Support Lead
Micronet Community of Practice Coordinator
University of California, Berkeley
310B Durant Hall
(510) 541-6120

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From: Nicholas Dirks Chancellor <[hidden email]>
Date: Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 9:07 PM
Subject: Recruiting for Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee
To: "Faculty; Staff; Students" <[hidden email]>

Dear Campus Community,

I am writing to invite all career, non-academic staff to apply to serve on the Chancellor`s Staff Advisory Committee (CSAC).

The Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee serves as a vital communication link between staff and campus administrators. Both I and the memebrs of my leadership team believe there is enormous value in understanding the staff perspective on, and soliciting ideas about a wide variety of issues, policies, and programs that impact the staff experience. This committee was, for example, instrumental in the development of the Staff Ombuds Office and has influenced the scope and expansion of Staff Appreciation Day to Staff Appreciation Week. In addition, throughout the year the committee administers important campus programs and events such as the Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Awards.

The committee is seeking up to seven staff members who are interested in this level of engagement and participation to join CSAC for a three-year term. Each year CSAC strives to assemble a committee that broadly reflects campus-wide diversity, and seeks to ensure that the16-member committee reflects the full spectrum of staff backgrounds, positions and perspectives. This diversity and the participation of both front line employees and managing supervisors enables CSAC to offer insightful perspectives, constructive ideas and valuable feedback regarding the full range of issues that the committee considers.

From my perspective, Berkeley’s staff play an indispensable and too often overlooked role in sustaining the public mission and excellence of our university. Over the course of my career as an administrator I have also learned that there is an amazing abundance of wisdom and innovative ideas among all of you who, day after day, work so hard to keep our campus running in such fine form. So, I urge supervisors to join me in encouraging staff members to apply to serve on CSAC. Serving on this committee provides an excellent professional development opportunity for Berkeley staff members, which benefits both the employee and their department, as CSAC members become more knowledgeable, engaged, contributing employees through their service. I authorize release time for CSAC members to fully participate in meetings, and encourage supervisors to be supportive of their employees' involvement.

The following information sessions provide opportunities to meet current CSAC members, ask questions about the committee, and gain insights for writing your application:

  • Monday, September 14 from Noon-1 PM in Room 239 at Campus Shared Services, 1608 Fourth Street
  • Tuesday, September 15 from Noon -1 PM in the Chancellor`s Conference Room, California Hall (Please bring your Cal photo ID to show at the security desk)
  • Thursday, September 17 from Noon - 1 PM in the Chancellor`s Conference Room, California Hall (Please bring your Cal photo ID to show at the security desk)
  • Friday, September 18 from Noon - 1 PM in 240 Bechtel Engineering Center

Applications are submitted electronically on the CSAC webpage and are due no later than  Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 5:00pm.

Staff concerned with communicating interest in this opportunity to a supervisor, or who would like assistance with the application process may contact Pam Miller <a href="tel:%28510.642.2925" value="+15106422925" target="_blank">(510.642.2925 / [hidden email]) to access the CSAC network of current and former members eager to provide assistance. 

Learn more about CSAC, and how to apply, at http://csac.berkeley.edu.  If you have any questions, please contact Layla Naranjo, CSAC Chair, at [hidden email] or <a href="tel:510.643.7481" value="+15106437481" target="_blank">510.643.7481.


Nicholas Dirks


If you are a manager who supervises UC Berkeley employees without email access, please circulate this information to all.

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