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[Micronet] [Announce] Micronet meeting next week (early): ISP on Netreg changes - device registration

Vivian Sophia
This month, we will have the opportunity to hear from the Information Security and Policy Group:

Time: 10:30am
Date: October 21, 2015 (Note the early date)
Place: Wheeler Hall Room 200 (Note the changed venue)

ISP will be discussing the changes to Netreg, the campus security
contact registration portal (https://netreg.security.berkeley.edu), that
are taking place this month, namely the addition of device registration.This functionality will replace the current DHCP device registration

They will also demonstrate how to use the new features to register
devices to departments for campus DHCP service and discuss how existing
DHCP registration information will be converted.  (If you would like a
preview of the new features see https://schlitz.security.berkeley.edu/ .
The preview version has DHCP data converted as of mid September.  Any
changes made will have no effect on DHCP service and will be lost when
the real conversion takes place Oct 21 - Oct 28.)

Vivian Sophia
Berkeley IT 
CSS IT High-Impact Client Support Lead
Micronet Community of Practice Coordinator
University of California, Berkeley
310B Durant Hall
(510) 541-6120

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