[Micronet] Any Apache mod_rewrite / ProxyPass experts in the audience?

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[Micronet] Any Apache mod_rewrite / ProxyPass experts in the audience?

Ian Crew
Hi all:

I'm struggling with Apache's mod_rewrite and/or ProxyPass to trying to get some recalcitrant RSS-reading code to read our blog's RSS feed.

Here's what I'd LIKE to work, but doesn't:

ProxyPass   /blog/?feed=rss2    http://okapi.berkeley.edu/hub/feed/ 
ProxyPassReverse   /blog?feed=rss2     http://okapi.berkeley.edu/hub/feed/ 
ProxyPass    /blog     http://okapi.berkeley.edu/hub 
ProxyPassReverse    /blog     http://okapi.berkeley.edu/hub

I've also tried using mod_rewrite, but am having no luck there either--the following doesn't work:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}%{QUERY_STRING} ^/blog/?feed=rss2$
ProxyPassReverse /blog/?feed=rss2 http://okapi.berkeley.edu/hub/feed/

Any pointers would be most appreciated!



P.S. To answer the first response: The real problem--and the reason I'm mucking with the ProxyPass stuff in the first place--is that this RSS-reading code doesn't appear to understand HTTP redirects, but the old address for our blog's RSS feed is in a few thousand user account settings.  Fixing the settings would require mucking with a database directly, rather than through any API.  I'm (understandably, I think) reluctant to do that.

Ian Crew
Platform and Services Manager, Research Hub
Information Services and Technology-Research and Content Technologies
University of California, Berkeley
2195 Hearst Ave, Second Floor

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