[Micronet] Any Linux (RHEL) dump restore guru's/veterans?

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[Micronet] Any Linux (RHEL) dump restore guru's/veterans?

Jack Burris
I'm working to get a server restored from a Linux dump file made with
Webmin. The dump file is around 65GB. I have plenty of HD space to work
with it. I'm wondering if anyone has gone through a restore using Webmin?

My main questions are can I just let it extract everything over my
present/new/fresh install of the OS? (seems unlikely) Or should I
extract the dump file to its own folder and then move the files/dirs
from there?

I'm thinking it would be ideal if I could have dump/restore extract at
least some of the files/tokens/users/modes/permissions back to their
original place; that was the whole idea behind using DUMP.

Anyone? Anyone? :)

Jack Burris


“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.” - Rosa Luxemburg

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