[Micronet] Apple app store; free apps; potential UCB purchasing difficulties

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[Micronet] Apple app store; free apps; potential UCB purchasing difficulties

Greg Merritt

Here are some observations about Apple App Store behavior with the  
free TextWrangler v. 3.5.

It's available both as a direct download...


...and via the new App store:


Note that both self-describe as version 3.5.

The conventional download runs on 10.5 and 10.6 machines, no problem.

The App Store download runs on 10.6.6 *only* (not 10.6.5), and only  
with authentication of the original downloader's iTunes store (credit  
card) account.  There are no keycodes involved.

I did a diff on the two app bundles, and have pasted a little bit of  
it below.

Meanwhile... what do we do if somebody wants a departmental purchase  
of software that's only available via the App Store?  The iTunes store  
id has relationships both to the app (the end-user) and to the credit  
card (the bluCard holder).  That doesn't fly in our purchasing  
environment, as I see it.

This could be awkward if there are not alternate purchase and  
licensing mechanisms for some titles.

What are other folks finding?  What do you think?


traffic:~ gregm$ diff -r appstore_download/TextWrangler.app  
diff -r appstore_download/TextWrangler.app/Contents/CodeResources  
< <key>Resources/ApplicationAppStore.nib/objects.xib</key>
< <data>
< lyu4IQKkNDyrrkrBHCQLJXbtwgE=
< </data>
< <key>Resources/AskXcodeForIncludeCompletions.scpt</key>
< <data>
< 9WzQ6L4l5qonXQTlUb/G2gaPpf0=
< </data>
< PfORCKPipPmXIcSgfbCynodDgIw=
 > 9AyR855Txo1gPBxib+dafd1KQb4=
< dcYXWGWA/ft9RyE7TbkCwBShXNQ=
 > xn42EV6DEfKTUAldmArom4ScFKs=
< 1UVW7+VwLuaQnBrfqjyP07loDb4=
 > +wixBo9k/6oFqR22yrN3YMtRUE4=
< /IMoA/CfqblUvjkUCzoXEGSkdpk=
< </data>
< <key>Resources/TextWranglerAppStorePreferencePanes.plist</key>
< <data>
< eTsCg5uRBdJckQcxTRnfwvuS3/4=
 > 2OQcmwcFzbKQJeALcANT/h0bqF4=
< <key>Resources/TextWranglerForAppStoreSettings.xcconfig</key>

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