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John Ives
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Over the past few days we have seen a spike in the number of attackers
targeting MySQL servers.  In these incidents we are seeing the attackers
attempt to execute programs via the cmdshell function.  While the
attacks appear to be targeting systems running an older version of MySQL
on Windows, there are actually two issues at play here. The first is
obviously the need to patch programs like MySQL.  As with any network
facing software, keeping up with the patches for MySQL is an essential
part to ensure its overall security and stability.

The second issue deals with having a database server listening to all
inbound connections. In many cases, it is unnecessary for the database
server to listen on the network.  In these cases, using a firewall
and/or configuring the database server to listen only on local loopback
interface goes a long way toward securing the database. Where listening
to the network is necessary, we recommend limiting incoming connections
to specific IP addresses and ports via a firewall.


John Ives

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