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James Kent Dudek

Dear Colleagues,

This event was by registration only and has been filled.   But those interested can watch it via the live stream.  See below for details.



Organizational Simplification Shared Services Forum

Friday, December 10, 2010

Time:   10am-12noon


Attend this forum online at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/operational-excellence-meetings-presentations.

The Organizational Simplification initiative is comprised of two distinct components:
1. Restructuring of units to create a flatter, more effective organization
2. Designing shared service centers for delivery of common administrative functions in HR, finance, and IT
The Shared Services Design team is working on the second component.  A key part of the team’s work involves obtaining input from campus stakeholders and service recipients, and drawing upon the experience and expertise of our campus community. This forum is another opportunity for the team to share progress and hear from a wide range of constituencies.
The objectives of the forum are:
1.      Continue to engage campus regarding Shared Services.
2.      Solicit feedback on the work-to-date.
The content of the forum will include:
1.      Discussion of structure of service center models
2.      Discussion of possible customer groupings
Organizational Simplification Shared Services Design Team

Please visit us at http://oe.berkeley.edu/orgsimp/index.shtml

James Kent Dudek
Business Systems Analyst
Kuali Student - Student Service Systems
2 Hearst Gym
University of California, Berkeley
AIM:  JamesKentDudek
Skype:  james.kent.dudek

Business Process Analysis Working Group (BPAWG)

Video archive: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bpawg-at-berkeley
bSpace archive: visit https://bspace.berkeley.edu and look for BPAWG
website: http://stafforg.berkeley.edu/bpawg/



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