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James Kent Dudek
Dear Colleagues,

The Business Process Analysis Working Group (BPAWG) Presents:

“MyFinAid”   (description below)
Thursday, December 16, 2010
3:00 - 4:30pm
60 Barrows Hall

This session will be streamed and archived at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bpawg-at-berkeley

If you are watching the stream and want to ask questions or interact with others in the online chat room, you need to get an account with ustream.tv and log in.   To do so:


Rachelle Feldman, Associate Director, Financial Aid Office


View a demonstration of the new MyFinAid site rolled out this year.  MyFinAid is our first application at UCB written with Google Web Tools and based on User Centered Design and increased student self-service principles.  MyFinAid includes functionality for students, staff, and delegates (generally parents).  A discussion of next design steps and the development process will follow.

I hope to see you there....either in person, or virtually!

James Kent Dudek, BPAWG chair

****Our Mission and Purpose****

BPAWG, a University of California, Berkeley campus staff organization, offers the UC community a forum for the discussion of business process analysis and associated methods, tools, and strategies. While each of the following is deserving of its own forum, BPAWG brings the UC community of interest together to discuss how these disciplines intersect, interact and add value to each other. 
BPAWG meetings offer demonstrations, discussions and opportunities to meet with experts and colleagues working in these areas:

*Project Management

*Systems Analysis and Design

*Usability Testing

*User and Task Analysis

*Interviewing Techniques

*Computer-Aided Analysis Tools

For more information about BPAWG, visit:
James Kent Dudek
Business Systems Analyst
Kuali Student - Student Service Systems
2 Hearst Gym
University of California, Berkeley
AIM:  JamesKentDudek
Skype:  james.kent.dudek

Business Process Analysis Working Group (BPAWG)

Video archive: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bpawg-at-berkeley
bSpace archive: visit https://bspace.berkeley.edu and look for BPAWG
website: http://stafforg.berkeley.edu/bpawg/


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