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[Micronet] Biodiversity Informatics Manager position on campus

Chris Hoffman-2
Hi all,

Do you want to work on exciting IT projects and help researchers address the challenges of documenting and understanding the biodiversity of our planet?  The University and Jepson Herbaria, located on campus in VLSB, are seeking a Biodiversity Informatics Manager to work as part of a team on several projects including the Consortium of California Herbaria, the Jepson Flora Project, the California Seaweed eFlora, and collections data management for the UC and JEPS herbarium collections. Domain experience is preferred but not required.

In Research IT, we work closely with the Herbaria and with this position in particular through our CollectionSpace collection management system software as well as on the specimen portal they use to share their collections with the public and researchers around the world.

The job requisition number is 21344, but I’d be happy to share the full job description with you.  Please feel free to contact Staci Markos <[hidden email]> or Brent Mishelr <[hidden email]> in the Herbaria.


Chris Hoffman, Ph.D.
Manager of Informatics Services
IST-Research Information Technologies, UC Berkeley

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