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Graham Patterson

It looks like I am going to have to set up a system with a browser
whitelist. Does anyone have any strong feelings about tools to do this?

I could do it by firewall, but that is mostly IP based which is
unreliable if a remote host is moved. Plus the administration overhead
is more than I want to get into. Putting in browser controls does
provide some user feedback while IP blocks just generate a help request
for a broken network 8-)

I'd like to avoid a white/blacklist debate. In this case the white list
is definitely the smaller and finite domain.

Some examples of plug-ins or methods to show what I'm considering:

ProCon Latte (Firefox)

A fake Content Advisor entry and creating a list of Approved Sites

Any favorites or unexpected consequences?

Graham Patterson, Systems Administrator
Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley   510-643-2222
"...past the iguana, the tyrannosaurus, the mastodon, the mathematical
puzzles, and the meteorite..." - directions to my office.

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