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CAS Reminder

Subject: March 2 CAS 4.1 Upgrade - What to Expect

Dear Campus Technologists,

On Wednesday, March 2, the CAS DNS name, auth.berkeley.edu, will point to the CAS Server 4.1 cluster. CAS 4.1 is configured with a default authorization set that will allow ALL existing campus affiliation groups to access CAS services.

The CAS upgrade may result in some users having trouble accessing CAS services. Potential browser-related problems may be solved by having users:

  • Clear caches

  • Clear cookies

  • Clear bookmarks

CAS client applications that cache IP addresses (typically Java-based applications), may need to be restarted on March 2nd to pick up the DNS change.

If your user continues to not be able to login with his or her CalNet credentials, please submit a ticket to [hidden email].

For more details on this migration, see:



The CalNet Team

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