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[Micronet] COA Validation messaging service is now online

Laurie Millward

Hello Micronetters, 

The  messaging service associated with  the new Chart of Accounts Validation Application (http://coa.is.berkeley.edu) is now ONLINE.

We have developed a new method of validating COA strings and speedtypes based on RESTful design model.  RESTful allows for a simpler, more flexible implementation than SOAP/WSDL used by the older web service.  More information is returned to assist users with combination errors including department description (this will assist developers who want to  add department specific validations to their applications). 

Updating your applications to this new service will take advantage of the expanded validation option parameters, ability of using HTTP Get with a COA string on the URL,  and the flexibility to populate and validate individual fields 

Details and examples of integrations are clearly described in the system documentation.

If you have any questions/concerns feel free to contact [hidden email].

Thank you!

Laurie Millward

IST-EAS/BFS – PeopleSoft Development

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