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[Micronet] CUTAT next Wednesday, 10/17, 1:30-3pm, 60 Barrows

Ian Crew
Hi all:

CUTAT will be meeting next Wednesday, 10/17, from 1:30-3pm in room 60 Barrows Hall.

We have two teams with items they'd like your feedback on on the agenda for this meeting:
- CalTime: Discussing how the new tool will be accessed (via RDP screen sharing)
- bConnected (Google Migration): Update on bConnected Account provisioning and email migration plans

See you there,


P.S. For those of you not already familiar with CUTAT, here's the text of some frequently asked questions that I presented a couple of meetings ago:

Q: How is this not just Micronet 2.0?
A: It's a forum for collaboration between IST project teams and Departmental IT staff

Q: What’s in it for Departmental IT staff? 
A: Preview of upcoming changes, before they’re fully formed
An opportunity to give feedback to the project teams

Q: What’s in it for IST?
A: A better understanding of impacts of changes on end users and departmental IT staff

Ian Crew
Platform and Services Manager, Research Hub

Content Management Technologies
IST-Architecture, Middleware and Common Applications
Earl Warren Hall, Second Floor
University of California, Berkeley

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