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[Micronet] CalGroups Phase One has Launched!

Calnet-coordinator Departmental

Dear Micronet,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first phase of CalGroups, a central group management service.

With CalGroups, you can centrally create, change, or delete groups or members, which can then be used in multiple resources. CalGroups also offers the unique advantage of allowing the creation of groups that are automatically updated when institutional data changes. For example, you can set up groups so that employees are automatically removed when they no longer work in your department.

This first phase launch is geared towards application and system administrators who need group management for their campus or departmental applications. In this launch, you can create groups that provide membership information to one or more of your resources via API call or LDAP query.  

Phase two, estimated to launch in the spring of 2016, will feature Google Groups integration that allows CalGroups to be used in the Google suite, including bMail, bCal and bDrive.

Next Steps


If you have questions about CalGroups, including API questions, please contact [hidden email].


The CalNet Team

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