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[Micronet] CalShare Workflow issues


CalShare Users,


It has come to our attention that there have been issues with some workflows not running CalShare.  The CalShare Team has work with Microsoft to Identify some of the low level issues and we have taken steps to solve the problem.  However there are instances where some workflows still are not running and do not appear when viewing workflows for a site, list or library.  Please double check any workflows that were created or enabled and verify that they are still working.


If you or your users have created custom workflows using SharePoint Designer, and those workflows are no longer working the solution is to republish them using SharePoint Designer. 

1)      Connect to your site with SharePoint Designer.

2)      Click on workflows.

3)      Click on the workflow that is no longer working, this will open the specific workflow.

4)      Click the Publish icon in SharePoint Designer to republish the workflow

5)      After the workflow is republish, go back to your SharePoint Site, List or Library and test the workflow.

6)      If there are still issues with the workflow please send an email to [hidden email].


If you or your users have enabled default workflows and they are not running please send an email to [hidden email] and the CalShare Team will work with you to solve the issue.


CalShare Team


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