[Micronet] Calendar scheduling between UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Lab to stop July 31

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[Micronet] Calendar scheduling between UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Lab to stop July 31

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On Saturday, July 31, 2010, the cross-campus scheduling link between  
the UC Berkeley CalAgenda service and the Lawrence Berkeley National  
Laboratory (LBNL) Calendar System, which has been in operation since  
October 2007, will be discontinued.

LBNL is migrating its calendar system from Oracle Calendar to Google  
Calendar during the weekend of July 31, 2010. Google Calendar is not  
interoperable with CalAgenda so scheduling between the two systems  
will not be possible.

On July 31, all instances of LBNL data will permanently disappear from  
CalAgenda. This includes all meetings scheduled by LBNL people and the  
inclusion of LBNL attendees in meetings scheduled by UC Berkeley people.

Actions for CalAgenda users who schedule with LBNL

•  Do not schedule meetings with users on LBNL's Calendar System  
beyond July 31, as these meetings will not be migrated over to LBNL's  
Google Calendar implementation.

•  Review your calendar for any future meetings created by someone at  
LBNL. Re-create these meetings within CalAgenda to ensure that they  
continue on your calendar.

•  If you have invited LBNL people to meetings beyond July 31, contact  
these invitees to ensure that they schedule them separately in their  
new calendar system.

Future collaboration possibilities
UC Berkeley will implement the iSchedule protocol as part of its next  
generation CalAgenda deployment later this year. iSchedule is an open  
standards–based protocol for real-time server-to-server scheduling  
between separate calendaring systems.

If Google chooses to support iSchedule in the future, we will be able  
to resume cross-campus scheduling between UC Berkeley and LBNL. Until  
that time, we hope to offer a limited form of calendar sharing via  
iCalendar URL subscriptions.

iSchedule has been gaining significant traction within the calendaring  
standardization community, and we expect to be able to offer real-time  
scheduling between UC Berkeley and other campuses and organizations  
that deploy calendar systems that implement open standards.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, contact [hidden email]
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