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[Micronet] Calpact is Back in Business!

Kathleen Valerio
Greetings All, 

Great News!
I'm happy to report that 28 UHall is being renovated and Calpact will be back in business!  Please see attached flyer for dates and time of workshops through June 30th.  

Please note, we've temporarily suspended our Web Design series while we work with vendors to develop something that better fits Berkeley's needs based on feedback given to date. Feel free to contact me  if you'd like to assist with this process over the next few months (Mar-May). 

More Good News!
We've added Sharepoint 2013 training to the schedule, people have asked for it and we'll be hosting sessions in April and May.  

On-line Training goes Campus-wide
Preliminary feedback on the 1 hour on-line live classes offered through  VirtualInstructor.com/berkeley has been positive. As a result we are expanding the pilot program beyond March 31 and will allocate access at a pace of 3 workshops per person per month for the time being. We'll continue to monitor usage behind the scenes and develop a plan that allows us to balance equitable access to the largest number of people that stays within the Calpact budget.

Yours truly, 

Kathleen Valerio, CalPact Coordinator 
Talent & Organizational Performance

192 University Hall
2199 Addison St.
Berkeley, CA 94720-3540

Ph <a href="tel:510%20643-0452" value="+15106430452" target="_blank">510 643-0452
[hidden email]

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." - George Bernard UC Berkeley * reimagines the world *by challenging convention *to shape the future.

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