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[Micronet] Change to Symantec software distribution

Allison Henry
Hi Micronetters,

As an FYI -- due to ongoing issues with AFS permissions on the new
Software Central site, we have moved distribution of Symantec software
to the Berkeley Security website. A listing for Symantec software will
remain on Software Central, but now contains a link to redirect users to
the Symantec download page on Berkeley Security (see

Authentication on Berkeley Security is CAS-enabled, so if you are not
authenticated already you will be redirected to the Calnet CAS
authentication page when you click the link on Software Central. You can
also access the download page on Berkeley Security directly at
https://security.berkeley.edu/symantec-software, however an extra click
is required to reach the CAS authentication page if you're not already

In addition to resolving AFS permission issues, we hope this change will
reduce the confusion surrounding the AFS authentication pop-up box, and
reinforce best practices for safeguarding Calnet credentials by using
CAS for authentication. Please let me know if you have any concerns
about the change. Thanks,

Allison Henry
System and Network Security
University of California, Berkeley

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