[Micronet] Changes Made to the CalNet Login Screen Oct. 20, 2015

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[Micronet] Changes Made to the CalNet Login Screen Oct. 20, 2015

Calnet-coordinator Departmental

You may have already noticed that the CalNet login screen got a new look this morning.

The new login screen for the campus CalNet system has a clean, modern design and uses Berkeley-branded design elements and fonts. More importantly, it offers improved security. The CalNet login screen now uses an Extended Validation certificate that allows you to more easily recognize when a login screen is real or fake.

To verify that the CalNet login screen is real (and not a replica posted by a hacker hoping to steal your login credentials), check the address bar in your web browser for the following every time you login:

  • A lock icon followed by the full name of our institution in green highlight and text: ¬†University of California, Berkeley (Regents of the Univ. of CA) [US]

  • The secure URL address of the CalNet login server: ¬†https://auth.berkeley.edu/cas/login

If either of these criteria are missing or differs in any way from the text above, STOP! Do not enter your CalNet credentials!  Contact [hidden email] or call CSS-IT at <a href="tel:510-664-9000" value="+15106649000" target="_blank">510-664-9000 (option 1, 1) to make sure the site is authentic.

You can see the new CalNet login screen online at auth.berkeley.edu.



The CalNet Team

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