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Good morning,

Based on customer feedback, Campus Shared Services will be streamlining the ACD Phone Tree for CSS-IT effective August 1, 2014. Consolidating many of the submenus currently within Desktop Support, along with reducing top-level options to three, will simplify the selection process for customers. Repair submenus for voice and data are being combined into one selection point and will feature a new option for contacting IST Billing.

New Telephone Menu for contacting CSS-IT

Dial 664-9000; press (1) for IT, and then select the appropriate option below

Top Level Option 1 - Desktop Support to include hardware and all software support, BConnected, CalMail , Box support, Software Licensing, CalTime, and Information Security and Issues, and All Other Technology Requests.

Submenu options

  • Press 1 for Desktop Support to include BConnected/CalMail support, Software Licensing, Desktop Security Alerts and All Other Technology Requests
  • Press 2 for CalTime
  • Press 3 to speak with the Campus Information Security and Policy Department

Top Level Option 2 – Business Applications Support to include BearBuy, BFS&BAIRS, CalAnswers, and CalPlanning.

Top Level Option 3 – Telecom Voice and Network Support

Submenu options

  • Press 1 for Consultation on voice and data products and services to include the Telecom Catalog, Shopping Cart and voicemail resets
  • Press 2 to Report a problem with a telephone or data network service to include Airbears and/or Wi-Fi
  • Press 3 for Wireless Cellular Phone Support
  • Press 4 for Billing    

To download a printable pdf of these changes and to see other options for contacting CSS, see the iNews article:



IT Communications

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