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[Micronet] Citrix Receiver on Linux

John McChesney-Young
A quick note that although official support for Citrix is limited to
Windows and Mac (http://ist.berkeley.edu/is/platforms/citrix), by
following the instructions at:


I was able to get it to work on my 64-bit Ubuntu 14.10 machine in
Firefox. Chrome and Chromium just download .ica files rather than
processing them and connecting, but Firefox works fine with both BAIRS
9 and 11.

I'm posting this to the list in case I'm not the only oddball on
campus who would want to do this.


John McChesney-Young, Administrative Assistant
History of Art Department, 416 Doe MC6020
U. C. Berkeley, Berkeley CA 94720-6020
[hidden email] // voice 1-510-642-5511 // fax 1-510-643-2185

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