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[Micronet] Cloud Computing Working Group at D-Lab

Aaron Culich-2
If you are interested in finding out more about eh Cloud Computing Working group mentioned during the BRC Town Hall in September, you're welcome to sign-up to receive weekly updates and join us every other Thursday in D-Lab (356 Barrows Hall).

Details about our upcoming and previous sessions are included below:

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From: Aaron Culich <[hidden email]>
Date: Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 8:46 AM
Subject: Weekly update for D-Lab Cloud Computing Working Group
To: Jack BURRIS <[hidden email]>, CHRIS KENNEDY <[hidden email]>, Aaron Culich <[hidden email]>

Dear Cloud Computing Working Group-

Do you know someone who would like to join our group?

If so, please forward this email so they can sign-up to get updates about our upcoming sessions.

What’s happening this week?

Thursday Oct 29, 4-6pm @ D-Lab: Applying for an AWS Research Grant

During our next session this Thursday we will cover:

  • Planning & managing costs of AWS over the lifetime of a research project.

  • What to do when your AWS research grant runs out or you exceed the award amount.

  • Other computing options available from the local campus or national resources to augment your use of AWS.

What we did last time

We explored the Berkeley Common Environment (BCE) which provides the many open source software packages commonly used in our campus research community including data analysis, machine learning, and visualization libraries, data manipulation tools, and computer languages such as R and Python.

Launched an EC2 instance based on the BCE AMI (Amazon Machine Image) via the AWS console.

Learned about managing remote interactive command-line sessions using the byobu package that is pre-installed on BCE; particularly helpful when you lose your network connection because byobu will allow you to resume your remote session right where you were before the interruption.

Started an IPython Notebook running on a BCE-based EC2 instance and connect to it securely using the My IP feature of the AWS Security Groups dashboard. For those of you wanting to run R instead of Python, you can connect with other members of our group who are setting up RStudio Server on AWS for their research workflows.

Upcoming related events

Material from previous related events


D-Lab Cloud Computing Working Group

Coordinators: Jack Burris, Chris Kennedy, Aaron Culich


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