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[Micronet] Completed: ServiceNow Incident Management & Service Request

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photos of sponsors signing project completion acceptance forms


As of March 31, we are pleased to report the successful completion of the ServiceNow Incident Management and Service Request project.* The year-long project accomplished all of its initial goals and more, as we migrated the Office of the CIO and Information Services and Technology (IST) groups to Incident Management from Footprints and other ticketing tools. We were also able to accommodate IT groups (ETS, SAIT) supporting the Student Information Systems (SIS) Project.

This project completed the following deliverables:

  • Successfully onboarded IST units to ServiceNow for incident management and CSS IT, Imagine, and Research IT for Basic Service Request.
  • Documented One IST business processes and ServiceNow workflow.
  • Delivered orientation and training to new users and provided self-service and reference documents.
  • Provided a smooth transition from the project to operations.

Measuring Success

graphic of project accomplishments

A revamped ServiceNow online orientation was recently posted on the ServiceNow website for anyone with a CalNet ID who may want to learn more about ServiceNow at UC Berkeley.

We wish to extend our gratitude to the entire project team for a job well done!

  • Project Manager: Shelly Kleinschrodt
  • Technical Team: JR Schulden, Scott Hall, Tony Roybal, Jennifer D’souza, Justin Anonuevo, Bobby Cox, Iryna Donchishin, Tazo Stuart-Riascos, Doug Van Buren
  • Training and Communications: Lori Brooks
  • Footprints Team: Greg Chuck, Neil Fox
  • Functional Experts: Marlita Kahn, Susan Weber
  • Consultants: Anna Ewins, Shelley Sweet
  • CSS IT Help Desk Staff: The team who receives and responds to ServiceNow inquiries as a result of this project.


Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer
Peggy Huston, Campus Shared Services Chief Operating Officer

*On a related and very-much-still-in-progress project, CSS Human Resources / Academic Personnel Support (CSS HR/APS) has begun transitioning to ServiceNow for all ticketing; in the fall of 2015, campus clients began using an “Ask a Question / Report a Problem” feature in ServiceNow for basic questions. Between now and the Summer of 2017, UC Berkeley’s ServiceNow system will be updated to include workflows and built-in forms for the majority of the service requests for CSS HR/APS, starting with Separations and Funding Changes which are targeted to go-live at the end of June.

Related Links: ServiceNow Website | ServiceNow Orientation | IT Action Plan

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