[Micronet] Connecting to AirBears/AirBears2 With Ubuntu

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[Micronet] Connecting to AirBears/AirBears2 With Ubuntu

John McChesney-Young
Just a quick FYI on the remote chance it will be relevant to someone here.

Although I've had no trouble connecting to either AirBears or
AirBears2 with my Acer Aspire 1810TZ with any version of Ubuntu, for
some reason 14.04 on my Dell Latitude E6420 would connect but the
connection wouldn't actually work. It was fine on my home network and
- strangely - the Linux Mint based on Ubuntu 14.04 plays nicely with
the campus networks, but despite trying a variety of fixes nothing
helped. Yesterday afternoon I upgraded to 14.10 on the Dell, primarily
with the hope it might solve the problem, and when I finished up the
installation this morning AirBears2 worked properly!

Just in case anyone else here was suffering wirelesslessness on Trusty
Tahr as well...


John McChesney-Young, Administrative Assistant
History of Art Department, 416 Doe MC6020
U. C. Berkeley, Berkeley CA 94720-6020
[hidden email] // voice 1-510-642-5511 // fax 1-510-643-2185

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