[Micronet] Contest to Win Tickets for UCCSC 2015 from the UC Systemwide Survey on Innovation & Collaboration

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[Micronet] Contest to Win Tickets for UCCSC 2015 from the UC Systemwide Survey on Innovation & Collaboration

Norm Cheng

Dear Fellow Micronet subscribers:


You have an opportunity to win tickets for the UCCSC* 2015 at Riverside and help the ITLC!


Charles McIntyre, Infrastructure & Operations Manager from UC Santa Cruz, is leading an effort in the redesign of UC IT strategy and charge across all campuses.

He is the chair of an ITLC subcommittee (previously known as the Collaborative Technology Group (CTG)). Charles has survey link (below) that is focused with questions for IT staff throughout the UC system.

Your survey responses will help his team in two ways:

Discover and connect the pockets of innovation and collaboration across the system

Identify what the IT success stories are, what the lessons learned are and how we all can learn from them

Please take some time to answer the survey which is located at:



You must submit your survey response by February 26, 2015 in order to eligible for the UCCSC 2015 ticket drawings at UC Riverside!

Each week, the ITLC will be giving out UCCSC 2015 tickets as prizes. They will also be highlighting their favorite entries on Tom Andriola's blog: http://cio.ucop.edu


*UCCSC (University of California Computing Services Conference) is an annual summit with all UC campuses to share knowledge, information, and technologies.

Attendees have met each summer since 1982 to discuss common issues associated with providing and supporting information technology services at the University of California. 



Norm Cheng

Senior Project Manager - Office of the CIO

UCCSC 2015 Ambassador - UC Berkeley

2195 Hearst Ave. (Warren Hall, 2nd Fl, 225 - 20)

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