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Good afternoon,

Effective August 1, 2014, the cost for one rack unit of space with the Data Center Colocation Service has changed from $10 to $14 per month due to increased operating costs. Despite the rate increase, UC Berkeley’s data center colocation service remains competitive with peer institutions and saves nearly half the cost associated with using commercial vendors.

Data center colocation describes the physical hosting of computer equipment in a shared environment that is mutually beneficial to various tenants without each incurring the full cost of designing, building, and maintaining the environment. IST provides colocation services in the campus Data Center, located at 2195 Hearst in Berkeley. The service provides customers with a secure location and network connectivity for housing mission-critical servers and related equipment. The data center was designed as a hardened facility and is maintained in a proactive manner to ensure all environmental systems are available without interruption.

New Rate Includes New Services

Included in the $14 monthly cost for rack space, new services have been implemented by the IT Operations Center:

  • IT Hardware and Application Monitoring - Groundwork Monitoring Service allows customers to request health checks for all servers colocated in the data center.

  • Automated Client Notification Service - xMatters automated communications service allows data center clients to use this service to schedule automated duty rotation schedules, along with choice of communication method (e.g. SMS text, telephone, email, etc.). This system is also capable of tying in to most ticketing systems.

  • Network Connection Speed - In the coming months, we will be working on increasing the standard network connection speed from 1GB to 10GB. The estimated timeline for this change is late December 2014.

More information

Contact [hidden email] for more information regarding Data Center Colocation Service and features.


IT Communications

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