[Micronet] DataNet April 11 - Intermediate to Advanced VBA in Access.

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[Micronet] DataNet April 11 - Intermediate to Advanced VBA in Access.

Anna Maurer

Join us for our next DataNet presentation!


Date: Wednesday, April 11

Time: 2:00-4:00pm

Location: Haas, S300T

Pre-registration not required


The DataNet presentation in March introduced using Macros in Office (Excel) to automate recurring tasks, such as sending a file to the same group of users, deleting empty columns and rows, formatting cells or renaming tabs. The programming language used in such tasks is Visual Basic for Applications.


Building on that foundation, the DataNet presentation for April will focus on those same tasks, but using Access and Visual Basic, to trigger such events automatically, or under certain conditions, such as emailing a group of users when a table is updated.


Like the March meeting, this presentation will review and explain specific examples of useful code you can start utilizing right way. Specific coding examples and techniques will be demonstrated and shared.


Skill level: Some knowledge of basic macros and Access databases



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