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[Micronet] DataNet Meeting May 10th 2-4pm Intro to "Cal Answers"

Kathleen Valerio

Hi all,


Please share with others as you see fit.


DataNet Meeting – “Cal Answers”

Tuesday, May 10th  2-4pm

28 University Hall

Presenter: Russ Acker, Institutional Research Analyst Office of Planning & Analysis


Cal Answers is the new reporting environment for the campus's Enterprise Data Warehouse.  The initial rollout of Cal Answers occurred on April 6th, and included nine interactive reports in four major student data subject areas (registered students, degrees, undergraduate applicants, and undergraduate cohort analysis).  These initial reports show counts/percentages only, so any faculty or staff member can request access to them. 


Cal Answers is also the pilot project for the EDW's new reporting software, OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition).  OBIEE will give users access both to the interactive reports noted above, as well as an ad hoc query tool.  It will eventually replace Hyperion for the BAIRS and HR-BAIRS reporting systems.


This presentation will cover future directions for the EDW, as well as demos of both existing interactive reports and the ad hoc query tool.


If you'd like to request access to view public reports in Cal Answers, go to http://ist.berkeley.edu/edw/student-data-security.  If you only request access to public reports, you don't need to complete FERPA training, although you may be interested in reading through the various security roles.  At the bottom of the page, you'll find a link to the access request system; click there to start the process, which will take just a few minutes.  *** In the access request system, on the 2nd page where it gives you 4 access options to choose from, please make sure you select option #1, which will give you immediate access to the public reports.  Any other options have to go through an approval process that will delay your access.


If there is a topic you would like to learn about or present let us know.




Kathleen Valerio
CalPact Coordinator &
Data Compliance Manager
Center for Organization & Workforce Effectiveness (COrWE)
191 University Hall
2199 Addison St.
Berkeley, CA 94720-3548


Ph 510 643-0452
[hidden email]




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