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[Micronet] DataNet Meeting Tuesday, September 6 - 2-3:30pm - Security

Anna Maurer



Our next DataNet meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 6 from 2-3:30pm in 28 University Hall.


System and Network Security (SNS) staff will present an overview of campus security operations and how SNS plays a role in the security posture of systems you manage.  Topics  will include:


- SNS security notices and what to do about them

- What are security contacts, why is this important, and how do you maintain your own security contacts

- What is the Restricted Data Management system and why it is worth the trouble to register your restricted data system

- Some important campus security resources to be aware of

- Coming security programs from SNS


SNS staff would welcome questions and discussion.  We would also like your input during this discussion on specific in-depth security topics you'd like to see covered in future DataNet meetings.


Hope to see you there!


Anna Maurer for DataNet


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