[Micronet] ETS Workshop: Big Data for Teaching and Learning: The Caliper Standard 9/15, 2-5 pm

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[Micronet] ETS Workshop: Big Data for Teaching and Learning: The Caliper Standard 9/15, 2-5 pm

Big Data for Teaching and Learning:  The Caliper Standard

When: Tuesday 9/15, 2-3 and 3-5 PM
Where: Dwinelle 127

No registration required.

Presentation and mini-workshop by Anthony Whyte, University of Michigan, Co-lead of IMSGlobal's Caliper Working Group

Data analytics is one trend that won't be fading away any time soon, and its application to teaching and learning, aka Learning Analytics, promises to build on traditional business intelligence by providing regular, targeted feedback directly to students, faculty, and advisers.

Educational Technology Services is pleased to host Anthony Whyte, University of Michigan, Co-lead of IMSGlobal's Caliper Working Group. Anthony will give a 1-hour general audience overview of this emerging standard, followed immediately by a 2-hour workshop for technical staff that will teach the basics of instrumenting teaching and learning oriented software to be Caliper compliant.

2-3 PM: Overview of Caliper, value proposition, model, profiles. Suitable for a general audience. 

3-5 PM: Learn how to implement a Caliper "sensor library" in order to emit events in a standard format.  Attendees will set up an in-browser development environment, and then do a couple of exercises to create a bit of shim code between a provided sample application and the caliper-js sensor. Bring your laptop.

For more information contact:

Oliver Heyer
Assoc. Director, Programming & Design Group
Educational Technology Services
UC Berkeley
<a href="tel:%28510%29%20529-5177" value="+15105295177" target="_blank">(510) 529-5177

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