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Manuel W. Castrillo

Hello all,


I case you did not received this e-mail.

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Manuel W. Castrillo

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University of California, Berkeley

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CalAgenda Migration Information and Training


Mon, 18 Jun 2012 19:09:32 -0700


PS Project Team [hidden email]


[hidden email]


Dear CalAgenda Users,
As part of the Operational Excellence Productivity Suite initiative, the
campus is migrating from CalAgenda (Oracle Calendar) to bCal (Google
Calendar).  This notice provides information on migration dates and
training opportunities.
        * July 23, 2012 -- Existing CalAgenda users will be migrated to bCal and
go live.
        * August 2012 -- New faculty, staff, and students will be issued bCal
Note that the conversion from CalAgenda to bCal will not affect your
CalMail account.  CalMail conversion will occur in fall 2012.  Dates and
preparation activities related to the email conversion will be
Anyone who uses CalAgenda on a daily basis should participate in the bCal
trainings.  There will be a number of ways to learn about bCal:
        * Instructor-led trainings. Instructor-led training for calendar users
will run from July 10 through August 9, and will be held at 2150 Shattuck
        * Live webinars. Live webinars will cover the same content as
instructor-led trainings, so users can choose the learning option that
suits them.
        * Other modes of training will be available in July to include
               o recorded webinars
               o quick start guides
               o quick tips, including brief videos
        * Demos. Demonstrations will be provided across campus.  If you would
like to set up a demo for your organization, please contact
[hidden email].
bCal trainings will be led by instructors knowledgeable in Google Calendar
and CalAgenda.    Topics will cover such areas as:
        * Calendar basics
        * Advanced topics
        * Delegate actions – for current “designates” in CalAgenda, including
executive assistants
Instructor-led trainings and live webinars are offered through the UC
Learning Center. To sign up, log in to the UC Learning Center via the Blu
portal at https://blu.berkeley.edu, and search for “bCal”, or the
following course codes:
        BEPSC002 – Basic/Advanced course
        BEPSC003 – Course for delegates, designates, and executive assistants
        BEPSC004 – Course for delegates, designates, and executive assistants
IT Productivity Suite (PS) is a group of productivity and collaboration
tools provided to the entire campus community via campuswide site license
agreements. By consolidating the procurement, vendor management, and
distribution of a comprehensive suite of solutions, the University is now
positioned to save money, increase efficiencies, and promote connectivity
among faculty, students, and staff.  For more information about the
Productivity Suite, please visit:
If you have any questions about the bCal trainings or the Productivity
Suite project,  please contact [hidden email].
Thank you in advance for your flexibility and engagement as we continue to
improve our services and systems to ensure operational excellence at UC
David Scronce
Training and Deployment Lead
Productivity Suite Project

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