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Kathleen Valerio

Hi All,


Here’s another chance to learn more advanced functions in Excel.

The session listed below is sponsored by DataNet.


Kathleen Valerio

CalPact Coordinator



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Subject: [DataNet] 12/14 Meeting: Data Management in Excel


Date:  12/14

Time:  2-3:30

Location:  Haas, S300T

Topic: More Database Management Tools in Excel


In this month's DataNet meeting we're going to examine some intermediate to more advanced tools in Excel for managing data.  For small datasets that don't require a lot of complex management, Excel can be a great (perhaps even perfect?) tool.  However, many people are either not aware of the tools or haven't kept up with Excel version change over the years and are unaware of more recent additions. 


In this session, we'll do hands-on work using some of Excel's lesser-used functions that support data management.  In particular, we'll be looking at the VLookup and HLookup tools for pulling data into a spreadsheet from a master list in another worksheet or in a separate Excel file altogether. 


We'll then look at Excel's Database Functions that allow users to make calculations on data in a column that fit specific criteria (think: "give me a count only of the students in this list who are enrolled in the School of Public Health" or "give me a total of all of the expenses that fall under $1000")


Finally, in order to help raise awareness of Data Management tools in Excel, we will conduct a demonstration of many of its lesser-known data management tools. 


Look forward to seeing you there,




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