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[Micronet] FW: IDMG Data Visualization Contest Deadline Coming Up! - noon July 12th

Kathleen Valerio

From: Russ Acker [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2012 8:08 AM
To: [hidden email]; [hidden email]; Kathleen Valerio
Subject: IDMG Data Visualization Contest Deadline Coming Up!


Hi there,


Could you please send this reminder out to your email lists today?  Thanks very much! 


(By the way, could you please let me know which lists you send it to, so that I can make sure we don’t miss any?)



As a reminder, the deadline for the IDMG Summer School 2012 Data Visualization contest is coming up this week, at noon on Thursday, July 12th


We’ll be awarding prizes (a Chez Panisse gift certificate, plus a copy of the brand new edition of Stephen Few’s book Show Me the Numbers) for both the most creative data visualization and the clearest presentation of data.


For more information about the contest, please see http://idmg.berkeley.edu/documents/IDMGVizContest.pdf.  Thanks!

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