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[Micronet] FW: Request for Staff input on metrics

Kathleen Valerio

Hi all,

As we approach graduation and fiscal close there seems to be a scramble to run surveys to gather data on things. If you are willing to help fellow staffers collect data on meaningful metrics at Berkeley your participation will be appreciated.



Dear Berkeley Staff Member,

Below is a survey regarding the campus- wide implementation of metrics.  This survey is administered by the Staff Leadership Development Program as part of a research project.  It should take less than 8 minutes to complete.  The results of this survey will be used to assist the research team in developing best practices for recommendation to the High Performance Culture Initiative Team.  Hence, your input and opinions are very important.

To complete the survey online, please click on the following link: LDP Metrics Survey

You may also cut and paste the following web address into your browser: https://berkeley.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8HQ5KPVRvzv4exe

Your responses are confidential and will only be presented in aggregate form. The survey will be accessible until 10:00 pm, Monday, April 30th.

Thank you for your participation.


LDP CalMetrics Team


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