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Charles James
Hi, Micronetters:

I have always been security conscious, I actually run updates, etc., daily as well as restrict my connectivity especially as it regards the iCloud, etc. Then one day I came across someone who said I should view the Marc Goodman talk on Ted.com, i.e.,


The talk came out around 2012 but what the hey, just cause it was about four years ago it must have some value since it is still making the rounds. I was flabbergasted.

Then, another person who knew I had viewed his talk said he just published a book not so long ago. It is titled, “Future Crimes: Eveything is Connected, Everyone is Vulnerable and What we can do about it. It is available on Amazon at this location:


Now, my question is this, how many of you know of this ted talk episode?
How many of you know of his book Future Crimes?

What are your feelings, thoughts and opinions on the material?




Charles E. James
IST - Administrative IT Solutions
Wk: 510-642-8440 
ASG Deputy Email: [hidden email]

"The perfect man employs his mind as a mirror; 
it grasps nothing; it refuses nothing; 
it receives, but does not keep." ~ Chung-Tzu

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