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Kathleen Valerio
Hi all, 

I'd like to share with you some resources I recently learned about. 

·         CreativeSuiteLovers.com   from Kelly McCathran a new Adobe instructor who taught Illustrator last week. 
The goal of this group is to help creative people work smarter & faster. At every meeting we try to cover some intro topics along with power user tips, tricks and powerful (yet under-utilized) tools in the Adobe the Creative Suite.

·         Learn.WordPress.com/  is a tutorial site with 12 detailed guides that are designed to get a new WordPress.com user up and running as quickly and easily as possible. The site is also useful for WordPress users who are looking to add features and upgrades to existing sites.
I learned about this one from 
 Pamela Reynolds via "C3" the Cal Communications Community on Facebook you might want to consider joining http://www.facebook.com/groups/calcommcomm/ 

As for Workshops; I'm just shy of the 10 minimum needed to host 
  1. HTML day 2: Creating Tables, Managing Images, and Hyperlinking March 28th  9-4pm in 28 UHall
  2. InDesign: Creating "Epubs" Books for Screen Readers  April 9th 1-4pm 28 U Hall 
If interested in these or other workshops please register through the UCB Learning Center

Go to http://Blu.berkeley.edu
Authenticate using your Calnet ID
select “UCB Learning Center” in the “Self Service” section.
Once in the Learning Center you can browse categories or search by keyword e.g. “Excel” to find the course you want to enroll in. 


Kathleen Valerio
CalPact Coordinator 
Center for Organization & Workforce Effectiveness (COrWE)
192 University Hall
2199 Addison St.
Berkeley, CA 94720-3548

Ph 510 643-0452
[hidden email]

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