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[Micronet] Fwd: UC Records Retention Schedule Updated

Lisa Ho
Hello Micronet.

The systemwide UC Records Retention Schedule has been updated.  

The campus Minimum Security Standards for Electronic Information reference this schedule as a guideline for requirement 1.1: 

Resource proprietors must annually review devices and storage media within their jurisdiction to identify and securely remove or destroy covered data that is no longer required for business purposes.


Lisa Ho
IT Policy Manager
University of California, Berkeley

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From: Stephen Lau <[hidden email]>
Date: Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 12:51 PM
Subject: Records Retention Schedule Updated
To: [hidden email]


I would like to announce that the systemwide UC Records Retention Schedule has been updated. Along with it comes a brand new website to access it.



Records Managers from every campus were involved in the update and  are aware of the changes. If you have references to the old schedule, please update it with the new one. The schedule is not policy. Moving forward, the plan is for ongoing updates as laws and best practices change. These will be coordinated through the Records Management Committee.


Congrats to Laurie Sletten for spearheading this effort. It was not an easy task updating the schedule for the 21st century and beyond.





Stephen Lau

Systemwide Information Management and Technology Policy Director

1111 Franklin Street, 7114

Oakland, CA 94607

Phone:  +1 (510) 987-0409

Email: [hidden email]

IM: stephenqlau on Yahoo! Twitter: stephenqlau

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