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Devin Jones
Since this packet-analysis SIG meeting has extra capacity, and this demo
may be of wider interest, I'm announcing this more widely (albeit last


Hi all,

We'll have our wireshark demo this Friday.

Where: Boalt Hall 115  (NOT 141)
When:  Friday, Feb 24, 10am-noon


An interactive demo covering various areas of Wireshark - capture,
filtering, conversations, graphing.


The broader context-
In AppNet, we're looking at a different technology each month to broaden
our skills.

This month we've been looking at packet analysis and manipulating
network traffic.  These skills were explored briefly in the SANS
training last summer, and are important for evaluating the security of
web applications, and are not typical among web programmers.

Please RSVP to me if you plan to come.  If we get an unexpectedly large
amount of interest, we'll change rooms.


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