[Micronet] Fwd: phpCAS security vulnerabilities (all versions prior to 1.1.2)

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[Micronet] Fwd: phpCAS security vulnerabilities (all versions prior to 1.1.2)

Paul Fisher-2
The attached email was previously sent to the calnet-developers list.
I was asked to resend the email to Micronet.  Details below.


Fedora shipped a new version of phpCAS yesterday.  Anyone running
phpCAS with campus apps should upgrade to version 1.1.2 if they
haven't done so already.

 From the phpCAS website:

     All phpCAS versions before 1.1.2 have 2 security issues
     CVE-2010-2795, CVE-2010-2796. One of them is a serious session
     hijacking possibilty. Please upgrade to the latest version.

CVE summaries:

     CVE-2010-2795: phpCAS before 1.1.2 allows remote authenticated
     users to hijack sessions via a query string containing a crafted
     ticket value.

     CVE-2010-2796: Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in phpCAS
     before 1.1.2, when proxy mode is enabled, allows remote attackers
     to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via a callback URL.


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