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Vivian Sophia

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From: Kevin Cornish <[hidden email]>
Date: Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 10:06 AM


Dear Colleagues,

The Haas School of Business is currently recruiting an experienced technology manager to lead the Agile transformation of our information technology team in support of innovation at the world’s leading public school of business.

The Director of Data and Performance Support manages a reimagined department consisting of a project management office responsible for portfolio management and project execution across a full-service IT organization, a team of business analysts providing consultative engagement and differentiating technology delivery for Haas' academic degree programs and functional departments, an Agile DevOps team designing and delivering sustained customer value, a cross-functional SkunkWorks team driving solution innovation, and outsourced support for Haas' Salesforce.com environment.

This is an opportunity to shape a new Director-level change leadership role – guiding a high-performance team that is critical to Haas' ability to achieve our 5 year strategic business plan. 

Please let me know if there is anyone in your network who you think may be a good fit for this position and forward this message to him or her.

The job posting can be found at http://jobs.berkeley.edu/job-listings.html. The Job # is 21708 and the first review date is 6/17/2016.

Best regards,


We value your input!  For technical support or to provide feedback on our service please email [hidden email] or phone <a href="tel:510%2F642-0434" value="+15106420434" target="_blank">510/642-0434.

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