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[Micronet] Google Forms/Sheets: Copy Row Depending On Response (Billing)

David Rieger
I'm trying to create a form for use in billing. 

When a certain Item is selected, one row is created that has billing data, but if a different item is selected there are two rows that need to be created (all info copied except the Item ID). 

Does anybody have insight/code how to conditionally add a row in a forms response sheet?

Use Case (Radio Selection UI in Form):

1.) Person enter's "X" - backend entry is normal, one row with column entries. 

2.) Person enter's "Y" - backend entry duplicated over two rows to account for different service. 

Thanks and regards,


David Rieger
Information Systems Technology
2195 Hearst Avenue
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720

(o) 510.643.5550
(c) 510.847.2265

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