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Luis Torres
Hello Folks,

We currently have some printer toner cartridges available to give away at Evans Hall.
If anyone is interested in any of them please send me your name and cartridge
preference and I will set aside with your name on it for pick up.

CartID, Supported LP Laserjet Models, Color

hp641a,HP LJ 4600/4620/4650, magenta
c4193a,HP LJ 4500/4550,magenta
c4191a,HP LJ 4500/4550,black
c4192a,HP LJ 4500/4550,blue
507x,HP LJ Color M551,black
502a(q6472a),HP LJ 3600,yellow
502a(q6473a),HP LJ 3600,magenta
503a(q7583a),HP LJ CP3505/3800,blue
501a(q6470a),HP LJ CP3505/3600/3800,black
124a(q6002a),HP LJ 1600/2600/2605,yellow
124a(q6003a),HP LJ 1600/2600/2605,magenta
124a(q6001a),HP LJ 1600/2600/2605,blue
124a(q6000a),HP LJ 1600/2600/2605,black
c4194a,HP LJ 4500/4550,yellow
641a(c9720a),HP LJ 4600/4610/4650,black
641a(c9721a),HP LJ 4600/4610/4650,blue
641a(c9722a),HP LJ 4600/4610/4650,yellow

Luis Torres
System Administrator
Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley.

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