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[Micronet] Hiring IT Service Manager for Collaboration Tools (bConnected)

Hi Micronet:

We’re hiring the manager of a new team tasked with helping our students, faculty, and staff get the most out of our collaboration tools, including Google Apps for Education, Box, Sharepoint and others. It’s a position with a lot of opportunity to do interesting work and shape the way the community uses technology to collaborate at UC Berkeley. Here’s a brief summary of the position:

The IT Service Manager represents the bConnected Service to campus. bConnected is a collection of collaboration tools at UC Berkeley designed to facilitate maximum engagement and efficiency for our students, faculty and staff. The bConnected team manages some of these services, such as Google Apps for Education (email, chat, calendar) and Box (file sharing), which are widely used by thousands of people across campus. This position is responsible for working with IT leadership and campus stakeholders to refine and execute a service strategy that satisfies the scholarly and business needs of our academic, student, research and administrative units. 

This position reports to me, so please feel free to email me off-list if you have any questions. (You are also welcome to contact Ian Crew <[hidden email]>, who is on the team.)  If you know anyone who sounds like a good candidate, please forward this note and encourage them to apply!

See the PDF at http://bit.ly/1tYy7dD for the complete job listing, and http://bit.ly/1zO3jyY to apply.



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