[Micronet] IMPORTANT: ldap.berkeley.edu Cert migration update(Reminder)

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[Micronet] IMPORTANT: ldap.berkeley.edu Cert migration update(Reminder)

Note: I will send out one more reminder this Thr, before the notified
switch date.

Hello CalNet developers,

Below is an important cert migration date for production ldap.berkeley.edu.

2010/06/11: New Comodo certs will be installed on production ldap/directory service:


Detailed information on the new Comodo certs is available on the CalNet


The new certs have already been installed in test env: ldap-test.berkeley.edu.

Please make sure you have validated that your applications work with the
new certificates by pointing authentication requests to
ldap-test.berkeley.edu before the migration date listed above.

Please let us know if you encounter problems you believe are related to
the certificate migration.


--Venu Alla

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