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[Micronet] IST-Database Services rate changes effective August 1

Ist-Comm Departmental
Good afternoon,

IST announces changes in the service levels and recharge rates for IST
Database Services, effective August 1, 2010.

To support customer demand and greater service simplification, IST has
reduced our service level options from three levels, Bronze, Silver, and
Gold, to two, Standard and Extended.

• Bronze customers will automatically be subscribed to Standard.
• Silver customers will automatically be subscribed to Standard unless
otherwise specified. Contact IST Technical Account Management (TAM),
[hidden email], if you would like to migrate to Extended.
• Gold customers will automatically be subscribed to Extended.
• We have adjusted our storage rates to reflect the continuing reduction
in storage costs. We have also reduced our unit of sale for storage from
10 GB to 5 GB to provide you with greater flexibility.
• We added the ability to provision additional storage for MySQL Basic.
• We increased our hourly rate for database consulting from $80 per hour
to $90 per hour.

For more information, please see the iNews article:

Customers interested in migrating to Extended service should contact
[hidden email].

Your colleagues in IST

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